From early-stage prototyping to iterative development, we provide full-service solutions that transform your products from ideas to successful launches and mass production.

Design and Engineering

Foresee’s R&D approach is to provide cutting-edge technology, fast response, and high-precision, high-quality manufacturing to market, We work closely with our customers to solve complex challenges in product design, and explore the future technologies of design and manufacturing.



Issued globally as of end 2019. These covers materials, fabrication, assembly, testing, and magnetizing designs and equipment.

$40 Million

R&D investment in 2019

Foresee invests 5% of our annual revenue back into R&D. This results in innovative solutions and technologies in each phases of our business. 

Innovation Centers

Our global network of R&D centers puts innovative ideas close to our customers. We focus and work on the development of next generation products, and services.


Engineers & Scientists

Foresee Engineers, Metallurgist, Chemists, and other scientists  work on applied developments and innovative design solutions for advanced applications.

Experienced Magnetics Specialist

Magnetic Circuit Design

Quick Prototype Verification

New Product Introduction

Manufacturing Design

Advanced Testing Equipment

Innovation and Technology

We seek to turn innovative ideas into product by working quickly with our customers, solving complex challenges in product design and continue to research future technologies.

Foresee develop and optimize the magnetic functionality of our customer’s products, we use our experience and innovation to provide complete engineering support for magnet product design, modeling, prototyping and optimization. It is our passion to lead the industry in delivering cutting-edge magnetic technologies that boost the development of the world.

Force Enhancement

Foresee designs and provides complex magnetic patterns for desired applications. Above example illustrates how the number of magnetic poles provides different attractive forces at different separation distances.

Grain Boundary Diffusion

The evolution of microstructures and the magnetic properties of the diffused sintered NdFeB magnets, GBDP allows enhancement of the coercive force (kOe), without significant effect on Br (KGs).

Wire saw material utilization

The replacement of ID cutting with wire saw slicing allows Foresee to reduce waste and thus improve our efficiency. Our in-house automation systems also enhances efficiency in material movement, magnetizing, inspection and packaging.

Plating & Coating

Research and extensive testing have allowed us to apply thinner coatings with uniform thicknesses. These lighter coatings and Nickel-free platings still provide the required corrosion resistance while improving the magnetic circuit’s efficiency.

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