Foresee Group and its companies focus on the design, R&D, and manufacturing of all types of magnetic materials, powder injection molding parts, magnetic assemblies, functional magnetic modules, motors and devices. We are vertically integrated and can provide one-stop and turnkey magnetics solutions. 

One-stop Solutions

From early-stage prototyping to iterative development, we provide full-service design assistance, engineering modeling, and manufacturing solutions. Our one-stop, vertically integrated organization allows our customers to bring better designs and forward-thinking products to market. 





Foresee has been investing in, and expanding manufacturing capabilities to the downstream applications of magnetic materials for magnetic assemblies, haptic modules, motors and other alloy parts made from MIM, CNC and stamping. Our manufacturings are focused on enhancing product design, performance optimization and consumer experiences.

Vertical Integration

Precision Manufacturing

Foresee is continually expanding our in-house precision manufacturing capabilities. This includes magnetic material manufacturing & fabrication, injection molding facilities, CNC & machining centers, tool rooms, automated plating & assembling lines, and laser etching. Our R&D and engineering team has also developed new metal alloys, haptic modules, integrated components and other products to meet each application.


Automation plays a significant role in productivity, cost containment, repeatability and increased competitiveness in manufacturing. Foresee continually and strategically invests in equipment and staff that can create customized automated systems that can cut costs, shorten launch times for new products, and meet any production deadlines.

Dependable Quality Programs

Foresee is an ISO 9001:2019 manufacturer of magnetic materials, metal components, modules and assemblies. Equipped with the most advanced testing equipment for quality assurance, We utilize quality methodologies to collect data during the manufacturing processes, monitor and adjust where necessary. The tests include RoHS qualification on components, validation specifications, environmental, reliability testing and many others.

Industries We Serve

Foresee provides solutions and manufacturing expertise for custom magnetic products, powder injection molding parts, modules, motors and devices. We do this on a global scale for almost every industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, appliance, security, sensing, medical, aerospace, defense and others. 

Sustainable Development

Innovative Solutions

Foresee has brought countless and unique magnetic solutions that showcase innovation, advanced thinking, and engineering expertise. We have them in place to adapt technology to the development in magnet world.

Installation of onsite rooftop solar solution is going on at our facilities in Hangzhou China, Quadrant plans to achieve 100 percent renewable energy for production by year-end 2018, and we will continuously expand our sustainable energy program to align with our business growth.

Green Energy

Foresee is continuously expanding our sustainable energy programs to align with our business goals and growth. The installation and use of solar solutions will allow us to achieve 100% renewable energy use in production.


Foresee’s flexible approach and effective experience allows us to present each customer with cost-effective, well-engineered, and production-efficiency on designing, manufacturing and product development. 

Employee Values

Our employees are the most valuable asset in our business. Foresee believes in continually developing and maintaining a supportive culture that encourages and teaches all staff, and provides career growth opportunities. 

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