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About Us

Foresee Group and its companies are focused on design, R&D, and manufacturing of all types of magnetic materials, magnetic assemblies, and functional magnetic modules. Through manufacturing vertical integration, we provide global-scale one stop and turnkey solutions to the most internationally recognized customers of the automotive, consumer electronics, appliance, security, sensing, medial, aerospace, military industries.

At Foresee, we work hard everyday for self-mastery and growth with the belief that is the best way to contribute to our customers, employees and society.

Our Responsibility

Foresee Group and its companies are committed to our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) vision, we are dedicated to delivering magnetic solutions and services with accountabilities.


All manufacturing sites of Foresee Group have obtained ISO14001 certification. With the target of 100% clean energy, Foresee Group is incorporating a solar system for both industrial and life activities in 2018, and continue ongoing efforts to reduce risk of harm to the environment.


Foresee Group aims at contributing to the sustainable development of a healthy and prosperous society, each of the Companies utilize its various resources to globally implement various activities in which people can feel happiness.


Foresee Group has established an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, implemented with OHSAS 18001 certification at all sites of its companies.  The company conduct physical examinations of employees on a regular basis, creating a workplace where each and every employee’s health concerns are addressed.

Our Vision

Foresee Group’s vision is to be a leader at the forefront of magnetic solutions, providing a wide range of magnetic materials, components and modules that boost the development of new technology for our future.

Our Mission

Foresee Group applies outstanding quality and reliability on manufacturing, engineering and designing for magnetic materials and all related applications. The company aims at contributing to the sustainable development of society, and take an effective way to foster clean energy for environmental compatibility.

Our Values

Foresee Group’s culture empowers employees to focus, innovate, appreciate, integrate, and provide solutions that positively impact our world.

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